On The Blog Today [ 2 Months To Go ]

This sunday will mark 2 months until our wedding. I absolutely cannot wait until THE BIG DAY. To be perfectly honest, I’m okay with being sappy because my world was flipped upside down (for the good) two years ago when meeting you for the first time. All it took was two amazing mutual friends of ours to set up the blind encounter and the rest is history. Lisa, you have been so supportive of my dreams and have shown me an example of a healthy path and lifestyle that I have truly embraced. It’s so crazy to think that in two months time we will be husband and wife. Here is to the future. P.S. Thank you for always modeling for me when I get a new camera, even if you don’t want to.


Ben + Kori-2


Ben + Kori


I always love our spontaneous adventures together.  Here is our “Sunday Funday” from a couple months ago:

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t stop and watch our engagement video. I cannot thank Milan Rosan and Shannon Rosan enough for their work and help with my proposal setup. I get giddy every time I watch this:

Lastly, Lisa, I love you! Here is to an exciting two more months and beyond!